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The Advantages Of Application Of Intelligent Monitoring Technique Applied In The Vertical Belt Conveyor Chute System
Nov 30, 2017

The vertical belt conveyor has a new design bright point, which is the vertical belt conveyor chute system. In the vertical belt conveyor chute system, the intelligent monitoring technology is used,  which can be used for the real-time monitoring and judgment of the vertical belt conveyor chute system , so as to reduce the failure rate of equipment.

After the upgrade, the vertical belt conveyor chute system uses the intelligent monitoring technology, which not only can monitor the material height to determine whether it is overweight through the detection device, but also can monitor whether the lower and middle of the chute system of the vertical belt conveyor is blocked. In addition, the system can accurately calculate the speed of the belt by automatic operation.

The intelligent monitoring part of the vertical belt conveyor chute system is composed of PLC module, voice controller, various detection devices and so on. The detection device includes material detection device, pressing plate chute detector, speed detector and so on. After the signal is connected to the control box, it can be directly judged by PLC and alarm through the voice controller, and can accurately reflect the fault to the personnel in time.

The intelligent monitoring method of the vertical belt conveyor chute system realizes the interaction with the upstream flashboard, and once the fault is eliminated, the flashboard automatically resets to ensure that the equipment can run reliably. After the application of the vertical belt conveyor chute system, the monitoring system realizes the early warning of the fault, and the production problem can be eliminated in the bud to the most extent.

At the same time, this detection system also greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the automation level of the vertical belt conveyor chute system operation process. It will also show a series of practical significance in other types of transport equipment , and is worth promoting.


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