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Screw feeders on Ammonium Sulphate Crystal fields
Aug 27, 2018

Screw feeders are not only used to transport fine powder,but also can be applied to convey granuels.Such as sugar,grain,chemical ammonium sulphate crystal,etc.Wuxi Considering the inspection and maintainance,changrong choose U type screw feeders to deal with ammonium sulphate crystal .

There also need air purge noozles for shaft sealing,including pressure regulator,ball  valve,flanch,pipe,pipe fitting,flow miter,magnetic valve.The drain line with blind flange (ANSI B16.5  150lb ) shall be supplied in the bottom of the suction nozzle and the outlet nozzle.The position and struture of drain line must be satisfy the requirements:a)The water in the shell shall be emptying when flushing the equipment.b)The water could not into the other equipment when flushing this equipment.The outline drawing is for a reference.Changrong need complete the design with details.


These photos are U shape screw feeders for the 1st project on ammonium sulphate crystal production line.


On 8th August,engineers from Wuxi Changrong conveying machinery company joined in the technical clarifications with clients .http://www.wxconveyor.com/


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