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Customers from ME.CO and make FAT of transloading drums at Changrong workshop
Jul 17, 2018


Transloading drums are used to transfer phosphorus pentasulfide powder or flakes from drumming station to bin filling station .From drumming station to bin filling station,it need use mechanical flip bucket device which put the bucket at the hopper and is sealed by the butterfly valve.One metal device clamped the bucket and use the mechanical flip bucket to turn onver the bucket into the inlet of incline screw conveyor ,then filling up in products.

Transloading drums are made up of 1 set of roller conveyor + 1 set of machanical flip bucket device + 1 set of load cell + 1 set of incline screw conveyor .

See its photos as below :

Display screen


Electrical Control cabinet :


Air routine control cabinet 


A complete set of transloading drums:



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