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Wuxi Changrong’s Sales Directors Reached SCML Factory In Thailand For Visit
Sep 19, 2018

Druing 10th Sep to 13th ,Wuxi Changrong send sales director -Ms Wang Jue and engineer -Ms Xue Wenqin reached SCML factory to discuss business cooperation for conveying equipment and mixing equipment for coffee production line.


SCML factory is a branch of JDE company which is a famous brand in this world .In the existing production line,Wuxi Changrong has provided design and manufacturing for them .

During the visit,Engineer Ms Xue went the production workshop to check each equipment carefully .Such as inclined screw conveyor with hopper, horizontal screw ribbon mixer and storage hoppers. All of them work very well.


Wuxi Changrong expect to provide more equipment to JDE company in the coming future .https://www.wxconveyor.com/

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