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Screw feeder i ntroduction There are many screw flight type for mini screw conveyors. Any one of type can be designed and made by Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company. 1.standard sectional flight screw : most common. Used to convey a wide variety of products 2.ribbon flight screw : used...


Screw feeder introduction

There are many screw flight type for mini screw conveyors. Any one of type can be designed and made by Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company.



 image002.jpg1.standard sectional flight screw : most common. Used to convey a wide variety of products

image004.jpg2.ribbon flight screw : used for conveying sticky,gummy or viscous substances,or where the material tends to stick to the flighting at the pipe.Available in integral style or post style ribbon.

image006.jpg3.cut flight screw : used for conveying light,find,granular or flaky materials .Also used for mixing materials in transit or for removing grit and dirt from the grain,cottonseed,etc.

image008.jpg4.cut and folded flight screw : used to create a lifting motion with the material that promotes agitation and aeration while mixing .

image010.jpg5.sectional flight screw with paddles : used to mix material while being conveyed.Paddles may be fixed ( welded in place ) or adjustable pitch ( bolt mounted,to provide different degrees of mixing )

image012.jpg6.used for complete mixing or stirring material .Paddles may be fixed ( welded in place) or adjustable pitch (bolt mounted ,to provide variable degrees of mixing )

image014.jpg7.short pitch screw : used primarily in incline or hopper fed applications where the pitch is less than the diameter of the screw

image016.jpg8.interrupted flight screw : as with a ribbon screw,used for conveying sticky,gummy or viscous substances,or where the material tends to stick to the flighting at the pipe,but offers better throughput and flow consistency than a ribbon screw .

image018.jpg9.Cone screw : Used to provide better “ mass flow “(uniform discharge) from a hopper or bin above than screws with variable pitch alone.

image020.jpg10.Shaftless Screw :Similar to ribbon screws,used for conveying sticky,gummy or viscous substances,or where the material tends to stick to the flighting at the pipe.Also used with stringy products that would typically wrap around the screw pipe .

image022.jpg11.Typically surrounded by screens and used to press moisture from various products .


In some equipment,it need feeding materials little by little .For example ,those weigh and measure system need different types of mini screw conveyors to work for them .

Its advantage is to work with load cell ,so as to get a correct accuracy feeding rate for silos and other mixers .Usually it is fed bulk powder materials to the hoppers,silos,tanks,mixers and other conveying equipment.Its outline shape can be pipe shape or U shape ..Usually ,1 set of small screw conveyor’s length is less than 10 meters .



Technical Data


100 mm

160 mm

200 mm

250 mm


16 rpm

32 rpm

131 rpm

90 rpm

Motor Power

2.2 KW


5.5 kw

4 kw



1-2 M3/H

3.5 M3/H

15 M3/H

Transport Length

1610 mm

1700 mm

5850 mm

5200 mm

Transport Direction



Incline ;

Incline degree is   35-490

Incline ;

Incline degree is 300


Outstanding Details on Mini Screw Conveyors



Reference Photo



Consisted of

1.Mini crew conveyor is made up of gearbox with motor, drive and driven sprocket, chain, screw flight, casing, frame, etc.

2.Its working principle is : The bulk material feed into the casing and screw flight was hold back by the friction resistance acted on the wall of casing during running, the screw flight push the material and make the material do axial movement.

3.Meanwhile , the clockwise and counterclockwise screw fight act as mixer.

4.The material can be discharged at the proper outlet at the bottom of casing or transport out at the end of chute.

Advantage on mini screw conveyors

(1) Light weight and easy to be handled

(2)  be able to feed and discharge in many positions

(3) it is easy to operate, have good seal capability

(4) Environmental equipment

Installation Request on Job site

1.Installation base shall be completed in advance ( at least 20 days before twin screw conveyor with live bottom arrival).Such installation base shall have enough ability to support and can guarantee screw conveyor will not sink and change because of the over small installation base.And ensure there are enough stability to support the screw conveyor

2.Must clean any dust or dirty points on screw feeder conveyors.Clean out all dust and dirty points during packing or shipping .

3.Can put some asbestos between machine casing and flanges,so as to adjust the deviation on screw conveyor’s length.


1.Avoid any hard and big bulk material inside the transported materials, so as to prevent twin screw conveyor with live bottom from jamming.

2.Check regularly each component ‘s working condition on twin screw conveyor with live bottom .Pay attention to any loosing  fastener. If find the loosing fasteners, tight them up and fix them well .

3. Must pay special attention to the bolt which is connecting with screw shaft. If find the bolt loose, must stop running immediately. Do not start working before tight bolts up .


Why choose Changrong ?

1.Extensive design and fabrication experience: we have 8 engineers and 60 workers specialized in designing and fabricating mini screw conveyors over than 20 years .

2.Complete process equipment : we have steel plate shearer,veneer reeling machine,plasma cutting machine,welding machine,lathe,etc.All of them are advanced technology and work accurately.

3.Reliable quality raw material : all of raw materials are purchased from famous steel factory with relative quality certifications .Such as Bao Steel ,SHA Steel,TISCO,JTP, which are the best and largest raw steel manufacturer in China .We will make element analyze report for each purchased raw materials .

4.Strictly and Professionally Manufacturing Process : each set of mini screw conveyor is made with carefully fabrication procedure .

5.Strictly inspection process with accurate testing tools : all testing tools or measuring tools will be sent to check in some measuring department .Inspection commissioner is responsible for each inspection and will make records by photos and videos .

6.Complete price with best quality : With same quality,our price is most competitive.With same price,our quality is the best .

7.Weekly report on fabrication : As fabrication goes on,we will send weekly report to customers .Customers will have a clear understanding about the process of his or her ordered equipment at any time .

8.Safe packing :each mini screw conveyors are wrapped by film plastic,then pack the conveyor by plywood case or steel frame .

9.Timely after-sale service : 0ver 40 % conveyors are exported to abroad market,we can send workers or engineers to reach job site for help if necessary .


How to send us a correct inquiry

(1) transport length

(2) Transport direction : horizontal,incline or vertical

(3) Transport capacity= ?T/H

(4) Bulk density of transported materials = ? kg/m3

(5) Work continuous or not

(6) Voltage at your location .in China, it is 380V,50HZ,3PH

(7) Which seaport is near to you

(8) Quantity ,MOQ is 1 set

(9) Stainless steel or carbon steel

(10) Surface treatment on conveyors :

For stainless steel ,there are three ways :

A.acid clean; B.sand blasting; C.Polished from Ra 0.1um to 3.2um

For carbon steel ,there are one way : only painting .Painting color is as per request . 


Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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